Video Production Diversity

We here at Advluence pride ourselves in diversity. We’re a full service agency so our work is diverse by nature. Even a very specific niche of our offering- video production¬†– remains diverse in itself. Check out our range of capabilities in that we’ve creatively shot and directed all across Florida, from Tampa to Orlando.

Application/Software feature video for SignWaive- We had a lot of fun with the creative direction and copywriting of this script for the voiceover!

Feature promotional video for Brew Bus of Tampa, FL- This was one of our most fun shoots to date, be sure to check out the driving shots with a beautiful backdrop!

Television style commercial video for Dynasty Customs- This shoot for our Tampa neighbors was a blast, too bad they wouldn’t let us drive the cars!

Office tour + testimonial style video production for Titan Medical Center- It was great to help Titan Medical Center show off their new office space and happy clients!

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