Commercials, Viral Videos, Product Features, Event Reels & More!

Advluence’s video production + photography department provides an array of possibilities, fulfilling your brand, product or business needs: commercials, promotional, testimonials, event reels & more! Working with corporate clients such as Showtime Networks, Bravo, Children’s Dream Fund, Van Wagner, and Amani Forged, we have the experience to convey your message through video.

Our video production + editing does not stop at brands, products or businesses, we have also directed and filmed music videos for national & up-and-coming recording artists, such as Famous Kid Brick, Khaled, Granata, Cayman Cline, LRB & more!

  • HQ Aviation | Orlando, FL
  • tampa video production
  • Arvano Concave Packaging Design

Why Does Your Business, Brand, or Product Need Video?

A picture is worth a thousand words, multiply that by 30 [picture] frames per second on a 30-60 second video. Video illustrates beyond the text and imagery in print and digital design. Grab your customers attention with high quality video by Advluence’s A+ Production department. Besides video being able to make a potential customer or client more likely to become a customer or client by almost 85%, video also creates confidence in your consumer with your brand, product or business.

Start Influencing through video!