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Promotional Video Production in Orlando & Miami

<img class="alignleft wp-image-8412 " src="http://advluence actos 30×161.png” alt=”Aerial Video Production – Advluence” width=”302″ height=”162″ />As we approach Independence Day in sunny Tampa, Florida, we felt it was a perfect time to share an update on what Advluence is working on and provide some behind the scenes insight to what’s happening with our video production and photography departments in Orlando & Miami. This past weekend, our visual team headed to Orlando to film aerial video with HQ Aviation for their upcoming promotional video.

Trick Daddy posing for our photographer

We were also in Miami for a separate shoot for Amani Forged’s promotional videos, featuring Trick Daddy and a lot of custom wheels & paint!  As we continue to refine, produce, and design our photo and video, check out some of our other work in branding, SEO, web design and social media. Expect these two videos in the coming weeks, along with a bunch of other video projects, some new web designs, social media showcases, and more! Which video are you most excited to see?