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The Power of Google AdWords

“Google helped provide $6.5 billion of economic activity for Florida businesses in 2013.” -Margie Manning, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Earlier this week we uncovered an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal regarding the economic boom Google can provide for businesses in not only the state of Florida but across the world. According to the article, Visit Florida has gone from spending less than 5% of their media budget on digital marketing to 26% last year. The results have not been minor either, Visit Florida has gone from 3,000 to 15,000 website listings in just five years. In total, Google estimates their search and advertising tools provided $111 billion in economic activity in 2013.

With incredible features like location targeting, advanced cost-per-click, site extensions, remarketing campaigns, and so much more…the Google AdWords platform has the potential to bring big business to any company. All you need is an advertising, some measurable goals, a professional to help optimize and manage the campaign and you’ll be on your way to generating 6.5 billion in economic activity just like the state of Florida did in 2013.