Facebook Video could spark the demise of YouTube


Facebook has taken another monster stab at their top competitor, Google, yet again. This time, the social media giant has attempted to wipe out Google’s prized video platform, YouTube. Google acquired YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars back in 2006, and it has been perhaps one of the most rewarding acquisitions in tech history. However, Facebook has aimed to take down the platform with several well-placed jabs.

And, here at Advluence, we’re buying in to the future of Facebook Video and the demise of YouTube. The old way of posting videos to Facebook involved sharing a YouTube link like a status update. However, as Facebook began updating their News Feed algorithms, they realized there were easy ways to end this practice and the first was to limit the exposure of YouTube videos on the feed. Advertisers have taken notice, YouTube Videos on Facebook are Getting Rarer.

Recently, Marvel tested both platforms by announcing new ‘Avengers’ movie during the College Football Championship and provided links to their Facebook and YouTube page to view the whole trailer. Both YouTube and Facebook videos earned comparable views, but Facebook earned almost double the shares that YouTube did (81k v. 159k).

Another reason Facebook Video has taken a front seat is the simplicity of engagement. A simple like, share, or comment on Facebook is a click away. Often times on YouTube, a share, thumbs up, or comment involves a login process, or navigating to another page- something users dread.

Viral video aggregators have taken notice too learn this here now. Buzzfeed stopped posting YouTube videos to Facebook altogether about a year ago. We noticed similar results lately as well. Our #GrowTampa video (you can watch it above) earned 263 Facebook shares and nearly 11,000 views. However, on YouTube, it earned a measly 66 views. To be fair, we pushed it a lot harder on Facebook, but, nonetheless.

So, what does this mean for your brand? Simple. Don’t post YouTube videos to Facebook. Post to YouTube and Facebook separately. Who knows, you may even reach MORE people with your video.

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