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Davin’s Dream Team and Advluence Team Up

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Giving Kids the best chance at a successful future with Davin’s Dream Team

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Advluence has been working closely with Davin’s Dream Team to help illustrate the benefits of giving pre game meals and tackling hunger for student athletes. We teamed up with in order to create a video production to help spur donations as well as awareness.

1$ is enough to provide snacks to a student athlete at practice, $5 can provide post recovery shakes to a student athlete after each game, $25 can provide sport drinks to a student athlete for the entire season and $50 can provide a pre-game meal to a student athlete for the entire season. Tampa has hundreds of high school athletes in need of pre-game meals. In particular, Advluence visited Hillsborough High School, Tampa Tech High School, and Middleton High School to help spread our influence and create awareness.

“Tackling Hunger for Student Athletes is a health and wellness program to provide student athletes with the proper nutrition before engaging in sports programs in schools. We will use innovative and educational platforms to encourage teens to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles.”

After 3 weeks of filming pre-game meals and Friday Night Lights, Advluence created a short film with the help of Davin Joseph and Angel Williams to help spread the influence of Davin’s Dream Team. Check it out above and be sure to join the dream team to help create influence!

To get involved with Davin’s Dream Team, email

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