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5 Reasons Why Advertisers are Choosing Facebook over Google for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing trends change very often. Like, every day often. Google AdWords has absolutely dominated pay-per-click (PPC) Internet marketing since it’s introduction in 2001. However, with Facebook’s surge into the social scape and subsequent surge into pay-per-click advertising for business, Google is losing ground. Here’s why.

  1. Simplicity

Facebook’s Ad platform is incredibly simplistic Get More Information. Ad content and delivery options are laid out cleanly, simply, and in the friendliest format for inexperienced advertisers. AdWords is so complex that they offer certifications for professionals. But, becoming a Google Partner requires hundreds of hours of training. Don’t worry though; we’ve trained so you don’t have to.

  1. Referrals

Historically, referrals from a trusted friend, better known as “word-of-mouth” are the most powerful form of marketing. Facebook ads allow for one-click sharing to an entire newsfeed, which is an extremely powerful endorsement.

  1. Clear Data

AdWords, when paired with Google Analytics provides the opportunity to track your customers in incredible ways. However, Facebook’s data about their entire reach is much more specific. Facebook has 1.35 Billion monthly active users and their highest traffic occurs between 1-3pm. Facebook’s data doesn’t lie.

  1. Time

Nobody can deny it, Facebook is addicting. Users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site, which means your ads will hang around longer. Google AdWords offer the Search and Display Network, and when’s the last time you’ve spent 20 minutes on a single website or browsing on a single page of search results?

  1. Flow

Like we mentioned, Google Ads are served on two platforms – the search and display network. Search network ads are highlighted in orange at the top of search results. Display network ads are embedded into websites as banners and tiles. Both of these are incredibly obvious to users as ads. However, Facebook ads look like normal posts, but only have a small notation of the word ‘sponsored’ towards the title.

The digital marketing scape changes daily and will continue to as providers like Facebook and Google innovate. As digital marketers, the most important piece of our practice is staying on top of industry trends and to provide a maximum return for our clients and ourselves.